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K2K | NVIDIA Metropolis

COMO, Italy – May 14, 2023 – K2K® today announced it has joined NVIDIA Metropolis, a partner program focused on bringing to market a new generation of vision AI applications. The program nurtures a rich ecosystem and offers powerful developer tools to supercharge vision AI applications that are designed to make the world’s most important spaces and operations safer and more efficient.


K2K® produces and designs software architectures to extract and certify, in real time, information from multimedia data streams. Through the analysis of complex infrastructures, the knowledge systems of K2K® identify, extract, represent and autonomously distribute the information obtained, making it available in terms of knowledge.


K2K® exploits the proprietary IKM® (Intelligent Knowledge Management®) technology based on complex mathematical algorithms, genetic algorithms and neural networks, to extract the content in a video stream and to make it available in terms of information.



K2K® architectures of neural networks applied to video streams make possible the extraction and prediction of data with a high semantic content. By examining the multimedia streams acquired through sensors, the IKM® Algorithms analyze the apparently disorganized data that constitute them, identify the patterns and connections that bind them, and autonomously understand their meaning. The data is then processed into information that can be represented and communicated to the end user, organized in structured knowledge.


The information extracted by the cognitive components and the video streams generated by the recording devices are made available and manageable on a software platform, which can be easily integrated with external application systems and/or devices, regardless of the available operating system or database management system.


The production and development of the proprietary technology are entrusted to a core team with over 30 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence and in the creation of system architectures.


Collaborations with universities and research institutions and partnerships with technological multinationals further intensify and accelerate the research & development activity, fueling the evolution and optimization process in the production of intelligent computational structures.


Focusing on technologies that enhance the hyper-automation of processes, K2K® owns over 50 intellectual properties specialized in the analysis of infinite quantities of data, and in their con- version into fundamental resources for the management, optimization and growth of production lines, infrastructure and governance activities.



The applications of the numerous K2K® solutions are potentially infinite and not limited to the “Smart City” field. K2K® solutions range from manufacturing industries to infrastructure maintenance, from energy to logistics, from road safety to environment control, and from use for sports activities to art.


Focusing on the “Smart City” we can mention:

  • Skeleton Analysis (17/33 key points)

  • Digital Twin, Segmentation

  • Optical Vehicle Character Recognition (OVCR®)

  • Mobility and Road Safety, Vehicle Analysis

  • Electric Mobility Analysis

  • Automatic Analysis, Recurrence Analysis

  • Areas Analysis, Risk Areas Analysis

  • Waste Management, Anomalous Waste Dumping

  • Food Analysis, Electronic Device Analysis, Garment Analysis

  • Object Analysis, Gesture Analysis

  • Counting, Measuring, Georeferencing, Direction, Camera Jump

  • Infrastructure Control, Static Analysis, Cracks Analysis (Crepe®)

  • Chromatic Variations, Cromie Analysis

  • Temperature Measurement, Social Distance Analysis

For more information on K2K® solutions, contact K2K® Sales:

+39 031 366 3034,

K2K Joins NVIDIA Metropolis to Provide Information Knowledge Management Solutions

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